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There are many more accommodation and hotel options in Whiskey Point than appear online. Many locals are now building their own guesthouses and advertising on Airbnb or simply taking walk-in guests during the busiest months when accommodation at Arugam Bay reaches saturation point.

For those looking for a more organised or year-round option there are a few places to consider:

Paper Moon Kudils

New in 2015, built on the site of the previous Whiskey Bay Surf Resort and consisting of 20 “Kudils”, a restaurant and a pool. See Paper Moon Kudils on Booking.com.

Dream Garden

New in 2016, luxury accommodations with a restaurant and pool. See Dream Garden on Booking.com.

Babar Point

New in 2017, six bungalows, a restaurant and pool close to the beach with access to both Whiskey Point and Pottuvil Point. See Babar Point on Booking.com.

Tasty Tuna Cabanas

Simple and cheap cabanas a few steps from the beach. Food is available from the Tasty Tuna restaurant next door. See Tasty Tuna Cabanas on Booking.com.

Riva Del Sole

New resort featuring modern bungalows with air conditioning and a restaurant. See Riva Del Sole on Booking.com.


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