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Whiskey Point

Whiskey Point is probably the area’s second most popular surf spot. It is right-hand point break which works consistently well during the season May to October, and often well into November and even December.

It attracts a diverse mix of abilities and can have overcrowding problems, especially during July, August and September.

Here is some typical off season surf without the crowds!


Apart from other people, there is a danger from the rocks as shown in the video above, especially on smaller days when it is necessary to take off much closer in. There is also a potential hazard from the shore break so avoid riding the wave too close to the beach and allow the largest waves to pass before trying to exit the water.

Pottuvil Point

Pottuvil Point is only a 500m walk to the south of Whiskey Point along the beach. This is another classic right-hander which starts to work best later in the season and can be a good bet for off-season surf.

This is a very safe spot to surf and is normally a little smaller than Whiskey Point. To arrive here by tuk tuk you need to travel through Pottuvil and take the dirt road from the north-eastern corner of the town.

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